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It's hard to believe it's been almost a year since the site has been updated but the wait has produced 156 additional relatives. We now stand at 2,851.  We're still adding distant (and close) relatives from people that have just found the site.  So don't ever think your data isn't important.  It keeps leading us to many more unknown or forgotten relatives.

As was stated before, it's almost too time consuming to check each and every one for errors, format problems, accuracy, or just general appearance.  Many photos and documents are posted in a size that is very large.  Those that have been reported have been shrunk.  Please report any you find that take more than one screen to view.

Don't forget that the pages that have photos of a person have a small ICON that looks like a camera.  Be sure to click on it to view each photo.  There is also a Hyperlink called "Pop Up Pedigree" on each page (right under the person's name) which when selected will display his or her immediate ancestors (parents, grandparents).

There is also a "PLACES" button which lists all the locations associated with everyone and allows the user to see how many other relatives were associated with that location.  Who knows, we may have all crossed paths without knowing it.

This update also adds new features such as (1) my relationship to each relative on the web site and (2) each individuals relationship to Jorg Von Eamigh.

And best of all, many more of you are still joining the E-Mails list (below) and will be getting automatic notification of the update and everyone has been sending in new data and corrections to the database.

Thanks to everyone who has donated information, photos, corrections, and other data to help us expand our tree of family and friends. Please don't stop providing data.


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The Eamigh Home Page
(Tracing the Eamigh's from Pennsylvania to Germany)

The Rainville Home Page
(Tracing the Rainville's from
Oregon to France)

The Eamigh Family History

The Rainville Family History 

The Eamigh family (at least the Pennsylvania branch) appears to stem from Jorg (Jarge) Von Emig (born in 1764), otherwise known as George V. Eamigh.

Beyond Uriah Eamigh (grandson of Jorg), records become scarce and mostly word of mouth.  No concrete evidence can be found linking Uriah to Jorg (George V.) Eamigh or his son George Jr. 

To date, there have been several leads as to the ship on which Jorg and his wife (Marie Dreyse) sailed but, again, with no conclusive evidence.

We have at least one ancestor that served in the Civil War, Uriah Eamigh, who served as a private in Company C., 209th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry. 

Tracing up other ancestoral lines leads us to Peter Fleck (an ancestor of Anna Elizabeth Fleck, wife of George W. Eamigh) who served in the Revolutionary War. 

So for those of you who want to become part of either the Son's or Daughter's of the American Revolution (SAR/DAR), send in your applications (but not to me, please).

Hopefully, the internet, some long forgotten family bible, or just some overdue luck on someone's part will surface the needed proof to tie us all together.

Much of the older records (beyond Uriah) are lifted directly from "The Eamigh Family Tree - And Those Related to It - 1765 - 1965" by Austin A. Eamigh.  With today's computer ability to instantly check genealogy logic, errors have been found in the original portion of his paper.  For example:

    Solomon A. Eamigh (son of Jorg Eamigh and Maria Dreyse) was stated to be born in 1840, yet Maria, his mother, died in 1825.

    Jorg Eamigh and Maria Dreyse would have been approximately 76 and 75 years old when Solomon was born (had Maria been alive).

However, the information is posted in hopes that the mystery will be solved, not to mislead anyone.
The Rainville's (at least the Oregon branch) can be traced back to Jean De Rainville (born in 1585) from Liseaux, Normandy, France.  His wife (Jeanne Brechet) was born between 1597 and 1600 in St. Thomas, Touques, Lisieux, Normanie, France.

The Rainville family are also descendants from the Cow Creek Band of the Umpqua Indian tribe of Oregon.  Until the latter part of the 1900's, this meant little, but in an astounding court case, seven families were able to prove their heritage and took Uncle Sam to court.

On May 26, 1980, President Carter signed Public Law 96-25 allowing the Cow Creek Umpqua Indians to file a complaint in Claims Court in Washington, D. C. over the value of their lands taken in 1853.

Finally, after 130 years, on
December 27, 1982, President Reagan signed "PL 97-391", the "Recognition Law", which restored the Cow Creek Umpquas as an Indian tribe and established formal relations with the United States Government through its trust agency, the Bureau of Indian Affairs

1984, before the Cow Creek Umpqua Land Claim came to court, a settlement was negotiated. 
The Cow Creek Umpqua Indians were to be paid $1.25 per acre with an agreed-on total of $1.5 million.

No land and no interest was included in the settlement. After paying their own expenses they were left with a total of $1.3 million. 

Today, the Cow Creek Band of the Umpqua Indians  has invested their settlement into a very profitable business in Oregon.  For those interested, you can see the strides they have made at:

In addition to the "Mantle of Elias", I've also purchased two other fine books relating to the Rainvilles, (1) Catholic Church Records of the Pacific Northwest (Vol. I & II) - Vancouver/Stellamris Mission and (2) Catholic Church Records of the Pacific Northwest - St Ann, Walla Walla, Frenchtown. This last one specifically names Rainvilles, Petits, Gagnons, Rondeaus, and more. My thanks to Art Rainville, the true keeper of the Rainville line, for pointing these books out.

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